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The Two Sides of Work Arrangements

There’s a great debate going on right now among employers around the globe. To work remotely or not to work remotely — that’s the question. The stakes are high on either side. On the one hand, employers have expensive real estate that’s going totally unused. And they know collaboration could use a boost from in-person work.

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Taking Pride In What Makes Us Thrive

June is Pride month here in the U.S., and many employers are celebrating by re-casting their logos in rainbow. Don’t get me wrong — a striking change to an emblem as steady as a logo can signal support. But the move rings hollow if it’s not matched by an underlying framework of inclusion and care.

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The 5 Generations

The office is a complicated place for managers right now. First of all, that word “office” — what does it even signify today? It’s more than the space between four walls cement walls. It now encompasses corporate-owned locations, coworking spaces, and people’s home offices, living rooms, and dining room tables.

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PeopleBest Offers Team Comparison Report

Today’s teams are more diverse, dispersed, digital and dynamic. This creates a growing imperative to move information and energy through the organization and reduce friction that slows progress. How do leaders build trust and attentiveness in their teams on what matters? How can the team stay ‘on point’ during strategic shifts?

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