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Turnover metrics need context. 
It’s not enough to know that people are leaving — you have to know why.

Keeping Your Best People:

Your retention metrics can tell you a little about your business. But without more context, they’ll only tell you how many people are leaving or staying — not why. Our tools can help you understand why workers are dissatisfied or frustrated, allowing you to address problems before they head out the door.

Effectively Onboard New Hires

When you add a new person to your team, ensure you set them up for success in the long term, with an eye toward retention. The onboarding phase should not only acquaint newcomers with their first set of professional goals; it should also establish their cultural fit and build connections with colleagues. 

The only way to accomplish an onboarding this robust? Information. Our Data unlocks the DNA of new hires so managers can construct unique and lasting onboarding experiences.