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Leading with Style and Substance

That saying — “style over substance” — makes an important point. Sure, a rocker’s getup is part of the package, but no one wins a Grammy on an outfit alone. 

When it comes to Leadership Styles, the same lesson applies. Leaders can’t succeed on swagger. But I believe style does have something to do with their success. In fact, when leaders discover their style, they unlock greater “substance” and lead with improved agility and heightened confidence.

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3 trends — and 3 tips — for 2023

We’re well into the first quarter of 2023, and that means we have a good idea of the trends that will shape the year unfolding before us.

I like to think about the trends marking the job market for two reasons. As an employer, I want to stay on top of the evolutions we’re seeing from big employers — and the economy. As a leader in the human capital space, my focus is to assess trends in how people are impacting the performance of companies.

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Set Goals That Really Matter

A new year is upon us – Happy 2023! Now is the time to set new goals, find new challenges and take new opportunities. But how do we discern what we want to achieve? How do we wade through the tempting and the flashy and set our sights on progress that really matters?

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