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Hiring Remote & Hybrid Employees

In-person and remote employees require more flexibility, and these days, they can find it, making the war for talent formidable.  How does an organization face this changing reality?  This weighty matter falls on the shoulders of leadership.  Business leaders must build their teams, find ways to encourage collaboration and engagement, and build trusting relationships among team members. And all the while, they must manage a staff who may seldom step foot in the office.

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Three Steps To Better Hiring

Many organizations are pushing to make hiring more speedy. The craze has led employers to rethink their hiring processes — what a great opportunity for improvement.

I believe that the standard candidate experience is not just stale, but broken. We ask candidates to sum up their experience on a piece of paper, sit through a nerve-wracking interview, and then wait weeks as we deliberate on a yes or no.

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Why do employees quit?

With so much attention on the workers who say “sayonara,” there’s good reason employers are asking the big question above. Why do employees quit? Is something pushing them out? Or is the grass really that much greener on the other side?

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