Hiring Remote & Hybrid Employees

Leveraging Diversity of Individuals and Where They Work

PeopleBest offers an efficient and clear way to measure capabilities by providing insights into individuals’ competency strengths, style preferences and vulnerabilities. It contrasts the individual view to that of other team members. It also provides a ‘coaching map’ for team leaders to unify efforts and challenge individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

People determine the performance capacity of an organization. Securing and retaining top talent comes with a set of trade-offs, like hiring someone in a different time zone who will need to work remotely or offering a flexible schedule to a highly qualified professional who needs work-life balance accommodations. Leaders are making adjustments to traditional workplace realities to prioritize the best “people decisions.”

In-person and remote employees require more flexibility, and these days, they can find it, making the war for talent formidable.  How does an organization face this changing reality?  This weighty matter falls on the shoulders of leadership.  Business leaders must build their teams, find ways to encourage collaboration and engagement, and build trusting relationships among team members. And all the while, they must manage a staff who may seldom step foot in the office.

PeopleBest understands this tension. We’ve brought the best of psychology and technology to help you navigate tough people decisions like these ones. We provide a FIT score related to someone’s “Work from Home” ability, but we also take it one step further in providing a blueprint to assess or help them.  Our STYLES profile provides the simplicity to understand each person in an easy-access profile.

We understand that priority #1 is to make sure we truly and accurately understand what makes a person exactly who they are. This takes the guesswork out of reviewing a potential new hire or existing employee, aiding leaders in making critical “people decisions.”

PeopleBest not only measures the fundamentals of the best FIT for the job or remote work ability but provides insight into how easily they can adapt to being productive when geographically dispersed from other team members.

We employ a proprietary methodology that helps leaders identify FIT for the job by revealing how closely matched they are to critical role-based competencies. The results also weigh other components such as individual workstyle, preferences in working with others and engagement and passion.

The most frequent question we get is, “how can I know the things I can’t learn from a resume or an interview”? Such as, will they work hard, meet deadlines with quality work, will they be a positive influence on the team and will they feel a part of the team being two time zones away? If you are leading geographically dispersed teams and need answers to these questions in building the absolute best results in your people and performance, then our solutions are for you!

Tech Specs:

Individuals respond to a series of online behavioral preference statements.  Results measure participants’ strengths in competency areas essential to the job.  The methodology measures workstyle, interpersonal, engagement and self concept.  These elements create important insights on how to improve productivity by revealing strengths and potential landmines.  Beyond that, the STYLES profile reveals how well individuals work with others and the energy, fire and passion they have for work.

Content Summary:

Do you lead a team that is never in the same place at the same time? The gaps in performance, collaboration or motivation might seem obvious to you. Understanding the “why” behind the observable behavior will streamline your abilities to move the needle. PeobleBest’s STYLES profile provides a “coaching map,” providing insights needed to optimize effort, relationships and output of each team member no matter where they work. Successfully managing a remote, hybrid or in-office team is made easier with a dynamic intelligence that minimizes guesswork and increases productivity and engagement. Reach out to PeopleBest today and get started, [email protected].


3 Behaviors To Pay Attention To For Remote And Hybrid Work

High-profile employers are making headlines as they decide whether to call workers back to the office or leave them at home. Remote work is no longer an option at SpaceX, for instance, after Elon Musk ordered employees to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office each week. The co-founder and CEO of Yelp, Jeremy Stoppelman, took a different direction. His company shuttered several offices around the U.S. in an effort to “double down” on remote work.

Many, many other business leaders will make decisions about work arrangements that won’t get picked up by the press. But that doesn’t make them any less important. As executives, HR teams, and managers meet to discuss whether extended remote work is a viable option, they need to make sure they’re working with all the facts. Behavior data provides leaders the insight they need to determine each worker’s preparedness for remote work.

Workers equipped to work from home possess a blend of skills that position them to be successful away from the office. When discussing your team’s remote productivity potential, consider these three skills:

Takes Initiative

Workers who take initiative feel empowered to make decisions and initiate action — all without being told. These workers generate objectives for themselves or in tandem with managers and do what it takes to achieve them.

Results driven

Guided by their objectives, results-driven workers don’t waver from their commitments. If they’re required to produce results, they step up, at times directing the efforts of others, even when they’re in individual contributor positions.

Works independently

Workers who are strong in independence feel more productive working in the silence of solace than they do against the din of office chit chat. They find it easy to maintain objectivity and focus on the tasks at hand. They are comfortable proceeding with work without much input or direction from others.

PeopleBest measures these skills and more to develop a work from home profile — a set of skills that will measure a workers’ proclivity for remote and hybrid work. Our ‘Work from Home’ model can also be tailored to an organization providing a precise “code of success” for remote workers. A group of employees take the assessment, relevant performance metrics are provided and correlated with the aggregate behavior scores.  The outcomes include setting desired score ranges reflecting high performance and the custom assessment is used in the hiring process with candidates or when evaluating employees for internal moves.

To find out how PeopleBest can serve your team, book a demo and set up a time to chat with one of our specialists.

PeopleBest is a revolutionary, simple and powerful way to capture the exact ‘DNA of success’ inside people, teams and companies


What Does It Take To Beat Boredom

Why do employees quit? It’s a question that keeps business leaders up at night, and it’s also a question that’s hard to answer. Thankfully, research helps us pinpoint a couple of the most common factors that cause employees to quit.

A recent Korn Ferry survey asked job hunters why they were planning to look for a new gig. Nineteen percent said they were on the lookout for a higher salary. Twenty-one percent said they lost their job. And a quarter said their employer’s culture or values didn’t align with their own.

The rest, a whopping 33%, said they were looking for a new job because they were bored. That’s it. They weren’t frustrated, overworked or underpaid. They were just plain bored.

My fellow employers: We cannot let boredom be the reason our workers leave our ranks. Let’s dive into the ways we can defeat boredom and help our employees’ reach their full — and most fully engaged — potential.

What’s the opposite of boredom?

When workers aren’t bored, they’re engaged. Engaged workers understand what’s expected of them, know how to navigate opportunities for growth, and feel like their voice matters. They’re involved and enthusiastic.

These characteristics don’t just make them pleasant coworkers. Engaged workers are linked to many business outcomes, such as profitability, productivity, customer service, and — surprise, surprise — retention.

Getting engaged

Now that we understand the ingredients of engagement, we have to review the steps to get there. Employers can thwart boredom by understanding their workers’ strengths and weaknesses, alongside their motivations, fears and passions.

For instance, an employee who has a natural inclination for learning may thrive in a job that requires them to synthisize vast amounts of information. A worker with a lower capacity may flourish in a role that functions on short, clear and factual pieces of information.

The benefit of knowing your workers extends beyond productivity. Employers face tough people decisions constantly: Who should we hire? Who should we fire? Who will stay? Who will leave? You don’t have time for these decisions — you need a tool that will fireproof your people decisions and boost worker engagement. To find out how PeopleBest can help you beat boredom, book a demo and set up a time to chat with one of our specialists.

PeopleBest is a revolutionary, simple and powerful way to capture the exact ‘DNA of success’ inside people, teams and companies.


PeopleBest Launches ‘Work from Home’ Feature Positioning Employees for Productivity and Engagement

The mass exodus from the office challenged businesses’ flexibility, priorities and workplace culture. Beyond the initial adjustment of creating an at-home work space, workers had to establish communication with supervisors, teams and customers. And after the new norms took root, the focus shifted to sustaining or enhancing performance in a new and changing environment.

Recent PeopleBest research revealed the success factors of remote work. The resulting DNA profile measures the optimum set of competencies and behaviors that position employees to be productive and engaged when working remotely. The competency set includes: takes initiative; offers sustained, vigilant effort; drives results-driven engagement; and works independently.

Location may have shifted due to external realities but business goals remain. The disruption forced increased flexibility in how and where work is accomplished.  In turn, managers have had to rely more fully on managing work outcomes without close supervision. The PeopleBest ‘Work from Home’ feature provides valuable data and insights to inform talent decisions, giving leaders a leg up.

The ‘Work from Home’ model can also be tailored to an organization providing a precise “code of success” for remote workers. A group of employees take the assessment, relevant performance metrics are provided and correlated with the aggregate behavior scores.  The outcomes include setting desired score ranges reflecting high performance and the custom assessment is used in the hiring process with candidates or when evaluating employees for internal moves.  The profile result will also guide talent decisions for coaching, growth and motivating employees to achieve performance standards.

Managers can quickly identify an area that may sabotage performance of team members.  For example, if someone finds it difficult to take charge or assert themselves in certain situations, remote work can perpetuate their hesitancy. This self-awareness enables the employee to pivot by identifying new ways to mitigate their hesitancy. The supervisor can then reinforce the desired behavior and recognize progress.  Everybody wins!

Tech Specs:

Individuals take the PeopleBest assessment by responding to a series of statements.  The assessment gathers responses to score behavioral areas related to the “Work from Home” competencies.

Content Summary:

The location of work matters less than learning how to motivate, coach and develop employees. Knowing how to encourage staff flexibility, find their productivity footing and collaborate with coworkers in new ways will change the game.  What is the performance proficiency of your remote employees? Let the PeopleBest Talent System help you discover the “code of success.”