It’s Time To Grow The People You Have

With so many companies reeling over the effects of the Great Resignation, leaders are considering all kinds of strategies to help them find and keep good talent.

A focus on finding and keeping good talent is a natural response when you’ve got open roles that desperately need filling. But I’d like to point out that the phenomenon embroiling the job market is called the Great Resignation, not the Great Recruitment. The name — and the problem — should remind employers to focus on not just backfilling open roles, but stopping workers from resigning in the first place.

That’s no easy task. Today, I’d like to discuss one method employers can use to tackle this problem: Growing the workers you have.

What does upskilling have to do with the Great Resignation?

A lack of opportunities for growth can cause workers to quit. The Sitel Group, a customer experience management company, released a research in 2019 that concluded 37% of employees would leave their current job if they were not offered training to gain new skills. A LinkedIn report approached the question from the opposite direction, asking employees whether learning opportunities would convince them to stay. Sure enough, 94% of respondents said they would stick around at an employer invested in their learning.

Some employers have launched learning initiatives designed to bump up retention and recruitment. Big tech companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, for example, have created tech training programs aimed at filling the pipeline with savvy workers who hail from diverse backgrounds.

Employers that invest in upskilling wield a powerful tool capable of both stalling resignation rates and bolstering recruitment success.

But there’s something you should know about upskilling: It works best when you know something about the workers you’re offering it to. A training on public speaking may terrify someone who excels at independent, numbers-based work. But it could offer incredible motivation to the worker who’s keen on scoring a leadership position in the next couple of years.

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