The Two Sides of Work Arrangements

There’s a great debate going on right now among employers around the globe. To work remotely or not to work remotely — that’s the question. 

The stakes are high on either side. On the one hand, employers have expensive real estate that’s going totally unused. And they know collaboration could use a boost from in-person work.

But there’s another side: The employees who adapted to at-home work almost over night two very long years ago demonstrated real resilience. To resume the commute, the business casual wardrobe, and the office drama would cost something — maybe their employment.

I can’t know the exact costs you’re weighing on either side of the work arrangement debate. So I’m not going to tell you I’m all for remote work or ready to get back to the office for good. Instead, I’m going to tell you what I think is missing from this conversation: The “what’s next.”

Moving forward, no matter where you land

Whether you decide to pull workers back to the office or let them continue working remotely, you need to have a plan to support them.

Workers returning to the office will deal with a fresh spate of problems. They’ll have to plan their commutes around their kids’ schedules, while factoring in that dentist appointment and those workout classes. And what happens when someone gets sick? Will remote days be back on the table?

Consider now the workers cleared to continue their pandemic arrangement. They may be thrilled to keep working from the comfort of their home and the coffee shop down the street. Despite the perks, many workers are feeling lonely. They’re estranged from their colleagues, disconnected from their managers and looking for ways to get involved, even from afar.

In either situation — or in some hybrid world in between — we must support these workers. At PeopleBest, we’ve developed the technology that allows employers to predict whether workers will thrive in a remote environment. The tech is based in knowledge: You have to get to know your workers to find out how they’ll perform and why.

Similar logic applies to supporting workers in any type of work arrangement. Determine how workers tick, respond accordingly, and watch them start having fun in their job. To find out how PeopleBest can help your team reach its potential, book a demo and set up a time to chat with one of our specialists.

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