PeopleBest Launches Self-Awareness Competency to Bolster Emotional Intelligence of Leaders and Professionals

Self-awareness is the cornerstone to emotional intelligence. To be strong in self-awareness is to be able to adjust one’s thinking and strategy based on a situation. Some experts believe that being self-aware is the meta-skill of the 21st century. It allows workers to course correct, influence, befriend and lead.

The pandemic introduced employment trends that make self-awareness a premium. Considering labor shortages, remote work and automation, employers need to be able to count on employees who know their strengths — and their weaknesses.

Tech specs

Individuals take the PeopleBest assessment by responding to a series of statements. The assessment gathers natural and situational responses in 29 Behaviour Traits.

This feature provides a roadmap for advancement by highlighting gaps that can be closed through coaching and development.

The pace of change and momentum in organizations can be daunting. Keen self-awareness is an essential quality to improve your success. This assessment measures whether your ability to self assess bolsters your collaboration, relationship building, influence and productivity. Sign up today to discover your capacity for self-awareness.

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PeopleBest is a revolutionary, simple and powerful way to look at what makes success happen inside people, teams and companies.