Product Features

PeopleBest Launches Growth & Fixed Mindset Competencies to Navigate Organization Disruption

Mindset influences how we think, the risks we take and how we respond to workplace situations. Adjusting our thoughts and beliefs to overcome obstacles or envision breakthrough strategies starts with belief.  

A person’s mindset is determined by a set of perceptions and beliefs that influence how they think, feel and behave in any given situation.  PeopleBest measures Fixed and Growth mindsets and how they connect to job requirements.  This insight strengthens leaders to coach and develop others and effectively address culture change.

Fixed mindset is a frame of mind that seeks validation to ensure ideas are heard and efforts are noticed. Someone with a growth mindset has more freedom, free to break down limiting beliefs and create a path forward. To assess someone’s mindset, PeopleBest measures how much individuals limit themselves and how much they rely on external approval. PeopleBest also determines how individuals view their failures and whether they prosper when facing a challenge. 

Every person experiences a mix of mindsets — each ingrained to varying degrees. Self learning will break down where improvements need to be made and reveal how  new habits can be formed.

Tech Specs
Individuals take the PeopleBest assessment by responding to a series of statements.  The assessment gathers responses to score behavioral areas related to each mindset competency.

Content Summary:
Over the last two years, organizations have been turned upside down, from where people work and how they work to how customers buy what’s available for purchase.Disruption has challenged even the most optimistic individuals and placed organizations in a position of recreating how they succeed.  

Sign up today to discover how this Mindset feature provides a roadmap for advancement by highlighting gaps that can be improved on through creating awareness, setting goals and a pivotal tool for performance coaches.  This is particularly insightful for managers and leaders who desire to deliver excellence and invest in the growth of their people.

PeopleBest is a revolutionary, simple and powerful way to capture the exact ‘DNA of success’ inside people, teams and companies.