PeopleBest Expands PeopleDNA™ Profile for Finding the Best Candidates with the “Right Stuff”

The PeopleDNA™ Profile matches a person’s behavioral DNA with the exact job iin your company that’s right for them, using your exact requirements. PeopleBest offers several options to provide pin-point accuracy exactly when you need it most.

Pursuit of top talent poses a competitive challenge in a marketplace where job seekers are plentiful in many job families. Candidates are more discerning about culture fit as well as job expectations. With so many in the talent pool, how can recruiters and hiring managers identify the most capable candidates?

Talent science offers predictive data identifying success factors on job performance that can be measured by assessments. PeopleBest’s agile talent system offers a completely automated, web-based SaaS solution for recruiters and hiring managers an efficient online assessment that measures job specific competencies establishing a “code of success” that will delineate candidates’ capabilities. 

The results can address questions such as: Who can build productive relationships and enlarge them over time?  Who can manage and engage a team located in multiple time zones? Who can master detail and correct gaps in a time efficient manager?  The PeopleDNA™ profile will save hours of time searching for insights on how candidates can contribute.

Winning the war for talent requires strategic positioning and efficient tools, processes and execution to ensure that no quality candidates drop out or are hired by a competitor.  PeopleBest clients determine the competency sets measured that fits their unique needs. Candidate results are available instantaneously and reports can be sent directly to the hiring manager for review.  No time lost to find out critical information to inform talent decisions.

Using the PeopleDNA™ profile, a hiring manager can easily compare and contrast candidates and use interview questions to further understand the value individuals bring. The Profile will also show areas where performance can be boosted through training or mentorship so that the new hire has a positive onboarding experience.  

Tech Specs:

Competency sets are available to measure capabilities of external or internal candidates related to the role or leadership level.  Once the job is set up, a link is sent to candidates who then take the PeopleBest assessment by responding to a series of statements.  The assessment gathers responses to score behavioral areas related to the competencies being measured.

Content Summary: 

Avoid the pain and heartache of back hires, low retention and poor performance — all upfront.  Allow PeopleBest to show you how you can rebuild your hiring and development process more accurately and quickly, with no obligation. Call us today at (714) 685 1020 to see how we can help you!