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Build Your Dream Job
Customize Your Hiring Using AI
Hire For Today, Scale For Tomorrow

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Leveraging Data to Optimize Employee Performance
Key Performance Of Human Performance At Work

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Unlocking Your Leadership Styles
The Power of Assembling the Right Team
Strategy Execution; Finishing Strong

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Your “Employer Brand” is Unique
Communiction Doesn't Come In One Size
Harness Engagement

How To Retain All Your Leaders

Employers that want to keep their leaders — and especially the women in their managerial ranks — know their mission: They must provide ample opportunity, and the training to go with it.

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Leading with Style and Substance

That saying — “style over substance” — makes an important point. Sure, a rocker’s getup is part of the package, but no one wins a Grammy on an outfit alone. 

When it comes to Leadership Styles, the same lesson applies. Leaders can’t succeed on swagger. But I believe style does have something to do with their success. In fact, when leaders discover their style, they unlock greater “substance” and lead with improved agility and heightened confidence.

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3 trends — and 3 tips — for 2023

We’re well into the first quarter of 2023, and that means we have a good idea of the trends that will shape the year unfolding before us.

I like to think about the trends marking the job market for two reasons. As an employer, I want to stay on top of the evolutions we’re seeing from big employers — and the economy. As a leader in the human capital space, my focus is to assess trends in how people are impacting the performance of companies.

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