Engaging Culture

What Do Your Employees Say It's Like
To Work At Your Company?

Most organizations desire to offer employees an atmosphere of hope, opportunity and empowerment. But not every employee feels that intent. What would workers say about your company? We offer ways to measure culture engagement. Our AI-powered programming can tell you what is working well and flag the areas that need attention.


In our modern age, it’s no longer sufficient to provide a job. Employers must offer a robust employee experience — one that delivers on an organization’s values. An important part of this experience is a company’s commitment to safety, opportunity, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Without this commitment, company culture will likely feel hollow at best, or awkwardly inconsistent at worst

Your "Employer Brand" is Unique

Your organizational values should permeate every aspect of your organization, from executives’ decisions, managers’ leadership, and individual contributors’ work ethic.  A strong employer brand will attract quality candidates and retain your best employees. But how well does your workforce reflect your values? We can design profiles that measure exactly that, to show you where your values thrive, and where they don’t.

C-10 Image Comparison on Engagement w P Zone

Communication Doesn't Come in One Size

Most leaders know from experience that their reports have varying needs in terms of communication. Some need detail and clarity, others desire latitude to create and experiment. 

Our profiles uncover such preferences and perspectives, equipping managers to lead with compassion and empathy. Our data-powered platform and insights help you get everyone on the same page quickly.

Harness Engagement

We believe in meeting people where they are. That’s a tall order in today’s business environment, muddled by changing work arrangements. Whether employees work remote, in-office or hybrid, leaders must harness camaraderie and collaboration. 

Our Work From Home feature shows where employees work best, allowing leaders to create collaboration in any environment.

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