Developing a Data Driven System

Part One: Learn

Employers are facing historic challenges when it comes to talent.

Getting workers in the door is a difficult task in itself. Then employers need to find ways to make sure their people are happy, engaged and willing to stay.

Even with the staffing situation so dire, the talent game is about more than filling roles. It’s about filling the right people and tending to them correctly. It’s a big task, and one that most organizations are botching.

PeopleBest offers a path forward. Our approach to talent is reflected in our name: We want you to find the best people for your company, and then we want to empower you to treat them the best you can.

We know that’s a lofty goal. Quit rates are at a 20-year high, leaving employers dealing with systemic brain drain and gargantuan knowledge gaps. As companies race to maintain staffing, they’re depleting their resources trying to replace a workforce turning over at rapid speed.

There’s a solution, but it’s not at your company’s entrance or exit; it’s right in the middle. When companies give employees the chance to flourish, they slow down the turnover churn. Opportunities for learning, growth and change build workers’ confidence — both in themselves and in their employers. They lean in. They invest. And they stay.

Want to know more? In our new three-part series, we will explore how a holistic talent system can power your people decisions.

  • Part 1 — Learn
    Envision your talent goals and learn how a system can help you achieve them.

  •  Part 2 — Discover
    See how talent systems use data to generate insight.
  • Part 3 — Find

    Learn to assess a talent system’s functions and judge for success.

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