Don’t Blink! The Difference Between 1st and 5th Place in Business

Guest Post by Tim Barry

I am a speed freak.  A professionally trained driver, I’ve had an Audi R8 up to 161mph on a closed track.  Let’s put it this way, when you are moving at 150mph, the car is going about two-thirds of a football field per second. 

We blink our eyes in about 100 milliseconds represented numerically as 0.1 seconds. 

In 1971, the Italian Grand Prix Formula 1 race featured the winning car beating the #2 finisher by 1000 milliseconds.  Think about that for a second.  The difference between the winner and the second place finisher was 10 times closer than the time it takes a human to blink their eyes! 

The business world is a brutal landscape.  It’s very much dog eat dog and if you don’t believe it, consider how many times your competition has cut their price on a project just to steal it away from you. 

The challenges business leaders face include global competition, high inflation, high cost of capital, a tight labor market with rising costs and new entrants to the game. 

The challenges business leaders face include global competition, high inflation, high cost of capital, a tight labor market with rising costs and new entrants to the game. 

In sports, science has developed cutting edge technology and science to help the athlete get that extra edge.  The 1990s are widely dubbed the “Steroid Era” because so many Major League superstars were juicing or using human growth hormone to recover from injury more quickly.  It has soiled the record books.

So what if there was a business ‘performance enhancement’ that could help you get a leg up on your competition?  How would you use it?

At PeopleBest, we leverage cutting edge, AI technology and behavioral science to provide our clients with that performance enhancement. 

Our clients come to us looking for the most effective ways to measure the potential their employees have.  This allows the client to onboard, train and develop the right people with the right traits and skills to execute their jobs for results.

The difference between the winner of the race and the #2 finisher in that Italian Grand Prix was one one-thousandth of a second.  The winner got all the glory, fame, money and accolades.  Most will never know the rest of the field.

Let’s have a conversation about how to help you gain that competitive edge over your competitors.  The business environment will remain brutal and even get more challenging as technology develops. 

Last point:

Sales is a ‘game of inches.’  The difference between 1st place and 5th can be a blink of an eye.  In that 1971 F1 race, the time difference between first place and fifth place was .06 seconds. 

You don’t have to win by much.  Just do a little extra each day and the results can be huge. 

Cool Math Numbers:

(1.00)365 = 1

(1.01)365 = 37.7834

(0.99)365 = .03

About Tim

Tim is an award winning Sandler trainer and advocate of the PeopleBest solution. Tim is the trusted advisor of C-level executives not only because Tim finds true joy in helping people make their vision into a reality, but also because Tim has built up successful companies of his own.

Over the last decade, Tim has built upon the traditional Sandler Training curriculum to provide a unique training experience for his clients. He focuses on a personalized, data-centric approach and helps clients apply Sandler best practices to both achieve business success and enrich their personal lives.

Tim specialized in helping executives cut through the noise of the day-to-day and get clear on their true goals and vision so they can create an actionable plan for success.