Stop Hiring, Start Building

Phase Two: peoplePREDICT™


Leveraging your people's individual results gathered during your company's peopleDNA™ analysis, our team then initiates the industry's most sophisticated forecasting model: peoplePREDICT™.

Collaborating with senior management, we start by clarifying your company's desired business goals and performance outcomes and articulating exactly what you are you hoping to achieve with your people resources.

Forcasting Performance

With a clear understanding of your specific business goals, our consultants continue to unravel the code to success within your organization.

Through the peoplePREDICT™ phase, we build on the peopleDNA™ analysis that revealed the characteristics of your best performers and tell you how an individual will perform in the future and how he or she will work in different roles and circumstances.

peopleDNA™ identifies the best candidates, while peoplePREDICT™ goes further to forecast actual performance.

Isolating behavior

Far beyond a simple hiring tool, we isolate the exact behaviors which drive measurable change within your organization.

How would the New York manager perform in Los Angeles?

If we decrease next year's training budget, what impact will that change have on sales revenue?

peoplePREDICT™ answers questions like these and empowers you to reshape the future to mirror your business goals.

The Path to Prediction

Our consultants are well versed in management theory, behavioral psychology, research and statistical analysis. The peoplePREDICT™ process combines all these disciplines.

Performance Metrics

We build an understanding of what you are trying to achieve, including new customer acquisition, uplifting repeat customers, increasing revenue per customer, enhancing customer satisfaction, improving profitability, encouraging new product sales and increasing overall performance evaluations.

Behavior Competencies

We analyze your employees' behaviors against 33 individual composites to provide insight into work productivity, problem solving, expressiveness, adaptability, leadership potential, sales effectiveness, service orientation, organizational values, strategic thinking and transaction proficiency.

Personal Attributes

We gather information about a person or group's educational background, longevity with the company, industry savvy, product knowledge, past training, accreditations, employment stability, age, gender, ethnicity and outside interests.

Environmental Factors

We analyze and summarize outside influences on your employees, including geographic location, territory demographics, regional economic data, competition, legislative effects, supervisor behavior, office culture and retention rates.

Business Process Factors

We gather data about your established business practices, including training programs, incentive programs, local, regional and national marketing, promotion policies, pay plan and compensation programs, CRM systems, reporting requirements and interview systems.

peoplePREDICT™ gives you predictive information, and tools to shape and improve the future of your company.