Stop Hiring, Start Building

Phase One: peopleDNA™


The first step in making GREAT people decisions is to capture key knowledge about the behaviors, competencies, skills and perceptions of your organization.

Our goal is to retrieve peopleDNA™ information from a cross section of the people that make up your organization, no matter their position or title.

peopleDNA can do more than unravel the code to success for individuals - it can do the same for teams of employees or your entire organizational culture.

Powerful Teams

PeopleBest creates more powerful teams.

We use use our inventory assessment to evaluate an individual's ability to work with others, willingness to deal with new and ambiguous situations and his or her confidence in offering suggestions to team members with higher status.

Simply put, you will see better results from your teams as we identify each team's core strengths and weaknesses and then give management clear guidance about how to make changes.

Management Tools

We provide company leadership with a teambuilding plan that includes strategies for individual counseling as well guidance about how a team currently functions and how it might improve.

Management is able to help individual team members understand each other better, learn how to resolve conflicts more constructively, play to their strengths and work on areas for developmental improvement.


Employees are better able to relate and communicate with each other using specific information about how fellow team members operate.


Managers are better able to motivate their people because they know specifically what drives them.

Managing Up

Employees are better able to communicate with managers because they understand what is important to them.


Going far beyond any other competitor's offering, we enable executives to clearly and specifically define and, if necessary, change their company's culture.

PeopleBest helps you understand your culture and, more importantly, how it impacts your ability to succeed.


We start by analyzing peopleDNA gathered from employees, across teams and throughout the company.

With this information, we build a cultural competency chart that supplies executives with information about how the company thinks and feels.

Cultural Alignment

Once defined, PeopleBest is then able to help you change your culture in important ways, fine-tuning systems and methodologies to ensure your culture will help you achieve your strategic objectives.

Putting DNA to work

Going well beyond the traditional interview, an inherently subjective process, PeopleBest uses the peopleDNA assessment results to augment interviews with hard data concerning a candidate's ability to think and act.

Once you have scientifically cracked the 'code of success' within your organization, you can put that information to work immediately in hiring and promoting individuals that fit your profile for top performers.

Top Performer Profile

The peopleDNA Top Performer Profile serves as a scientifically based road map to lead you to those employees that are the best fit for your organization.

We match employees and prospective employees with roles in which they will be most fulfilled and most productive.


With your Top Performer Profile on hand, you can leverage the power of the peopleDNA software right away to quickly assess hundreds of candidates, looking for those that share the same peopleDNA as your existing top performers.

An increasing pool of top employees means reduced turnover, reduced hiring cost and increased overall success.